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Paul Friedrich, Pop Icon, is a Southern artist and writer capable of instigating spectacles of humor and imagination through cartoons and graphic design. Paul specializes in humor, spellbinding color combinations, bold lines and popular culture. His work merges hand-drawn images with digital manipulation. 


An internet innovator, Paul maintains an ever-expanding fan base. He spends hours developing his writing, drawing and painting skills to create a personal style of dark humor and collectible works of art in his low pop style that firmly establishes him as a genuinely unique force to be reckoned with. A tornado of creativity, Paul is built with non-stop imagination, a photographic memory of pop culture and unbelievable skills of composition. He succeeds in being a distinct artist for the intersection of the digital age. 

Paul is internationally known for low pop aesthetics with comic book sensibilities who's visuals are rooted in late night cable television that celebrates and relives cultural cornerstones.

A creative juggernaut, Paul has worked with Disney, Adult Swim and Cartoon Network, ad campaigns, album art for bands and commercials for the NHL.

His is an instantly recognizable style balanced within fine art and street art. Paul's work represents life, style and obsessions through humor and visual art.

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